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‘No Dark Courtrooms’ – EOIR

It is now common knowledge that there is a staggering backlog in the Immigration Courts. As of now, there are over 850,000 cases pending in the Immigration Courts nationwide with trials scheduled in 2022. Although many have demanded more immigration judges be … Continue reading

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Well *no* Bully for You!

Did you know that today is National Love Your Pet Day? And, while you may want to give your pet an extra cuddle and treat, we wanted to remind you of that piece of pet legislation that did not pass … Continue reading

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Why ‘No Hate Here’ signs are actually pretty hateful

Someone came up with the label “virtue signaling” to describe the psychological impulse behind these signs. The idea is that people who put them up want to tell you how noble they are. But that doesn’t sound right. Virtue-signalers aren’t … Continue reading

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UK Government issues Brexit papers on ‘no deal’ planning

On 23 August 2018, the Secretary of State for Exiting the EU, Dominic Raab MP, gave a speech on planning for a ‘no deal’ Brexit. The speech was followed by the UK Government issuing over 20 sector specific guidance notices … Continue reading

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Episode 010: “No, I won’t give you my Debit Card PIN Number” (FCOA Precedent: Acree, #17-1749, Legal standard to withdraw an appeal orally at BVA)

What is the Deep Issue in the Case? VA regulations provide that a veteran’s “appeal may be withdrawn as to any or all issues involved in the appeal.” 38 C.F.R. § 20.204(a). a statement made by a veteran at a board … Continue reading

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