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Nevada US Attorney Trutanich may pursue marijuana prosecutions

Trutanich, who is appealing the judge’s decision to toss the Bundy case out, believes federal law enforcement should play a larger role in curbing local crime rates. Even though the flood gates opened for recreational use, don’t discount the numerous … Continue reading

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EB-1C Green Card Approval for Filipino Adventure Travel Company CEO in Las Vegas Nevada

CASE: I-485 / I-140 (EB-1C Category: Executives and Managers of Multinational Organizations) APPLICANT: Filipino Executive LOCATION: Las Vegas, NV Our client is the CEO of a multinational adventure travel company in Las Vegas.  He is from the Philippines, and has … Continue reading

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Non-California Loan Company Could Not Enforce Nevada Choice Of Law Provision To Avoid Californ

Question: May a non-California consumer loan company enforce a non-California choice of law provision in its loan agreements to avoid application of the California Financial Lenders Law? Answer: No, according to the Fourth District court of appeal in Brack v. … Continue reading

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Proposal to Overhaul Bail System Heads to Nevada Supreme Court

LAS VEGAS, NV – Those who proposed changes may finally see changes as the Nevada Supreme Court took public commentary Tuesday regarding an overhaul of the state bail system. If this bill passes legislation, judges will begin evaluating based on … Continue reading

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Proposed Nevada Legislation Introduces Fee-Shifting in Shareholder Litigation

A short time ago, a storm of controversy briefly emerged after a Delaware court endorsed a firm’s adoption of a fee-shifting bylaw. The controversy quieted down after the Delaware legislature adopted a statutory provision prohibiting fee-shifting bylaws. The fee-shifting provision … Continue reading

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