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Price competition on networked duopolistic markets

Posted by D. Daniel Sokol Zakaria Babutsidze- OFCE and SKEMA Business School discusses Price competition on networked duopolistic markets. ABSTRACT: In standard Bertrand model duopolists compete on perfect markets. How- ever, not many markets are perfect. In fact most of… … Continue reading

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New Pew Reports on Networked Workers and Families

Most working Americans use the Internet or email at work according the Pew Internet report Networked Workers. Just over half of American adults (53%) say that they are currently employed with full or part-time work. Among those who are employed,… … Continue reading

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Public-Interest Principles for the Networked Communications Environment

Why is Free Expression Important in an Information Society? The UK-based “Freedom of Expression Project” posted “Public Interest Principles for the Networked Communications Environment”. The draft document provides useful analysis on the importance of freedom of expression, open standards, interoperability, … Continue reading

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