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De la nature duale de la référence en droit

J'apprécie les recherches en droit étranger et international. C'est une véritable matière à elle seule, que les anglo-saxons désignent sous le nom de "Foreign, Comparative and International Law" (FCIL). Je cherchais donc cet arrêt de la juridiction judiciaire suprême allemande, … Continue reading

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The retraction by Nature of the Samaha work: is Gaetan Burgio correct on who is responsible for improper submissions to journals?

DIANA KWON of The Scientist discusses the retraction by Nature of a paper co-authored by oncologist Nabil Ahmed and Heba Samaha. Of note within her text:But starting last October, a few weeks after the paper was posted online, comments about … Continue reading

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Texas Appellate Court Reverses Sexual Harassment Award, Saying Jury Should Have Been Allowed to Hear About Consensual Nature of Relationship

In most Dallas sexual harassment cases, the parties are both of age – that is, above the age of 18. Sometimes, however, the complaining party is underage, leading to additional complications. Such was the case recently, when a mother brought … Continue reading

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“The Nature and Enforcement of Choice of Law Agreements” (2018) 14 Journal of Private International Law 500-531

This blog post presents a condensed version of Dr Mukarrum Ahmed’s (Lancaster University) article in the December 2018 issue of the Journal of Private International Law. The blog post includes specific references to the actual journal article to enable the reader … Continue reading

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Crisis in our national parks: how tourists are loving nature to death

The Guardian –  As thrill seekers and Instagrammers swarm public lands, reporting from eight sites across America shows the scale of the threat. “…Over a period of four months, from high summer to late autumn, the Guardian dispatched writers across … Continue reading

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