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Four Ways to Prevent Excuses for Missed Payments

As a finance company, you are familiar with the common excuses that clients give when they miss a payment. They may admit to their mistake and say that they forgot or did not have the money to make the payment … Continue reading

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Never too late: If you missed the IPKat posts last week!

NEWS NEWS NEWS The 212th edition of Never Too Late is out!CopyrightIn A 12th centuty tale of an orphan work (it’s all about the teeth), Kat Neil J. Wilkof reports on the fascinating inquiry into the author of orphan works in … Continue reading

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California Court of Appeal Holds That An Employee’s “Imprecise Evidence” Can Provide a Basis for Damages When an Employer Does Not Keep Accurate Records of Hours Worked – But That an Employer is Not Liable for Missed Meal Periods of Which It Was Unaware Continue Reading…

On December 12, 2018, in Furry v. East Bay Publishing, LLC, the California Court of Appeal held that if an employer fails to keep accurate records of an employee’s work hours, even “imprecise evidence” by the employee “can provide a sufficient … Continue reading

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The Court Further Clarifies Multi-Year Penalties for Missed FBAR

The Never-Ending Saga of FBARs and IRS Penalties for FBAR (Golding & Golding) The Never-Ending Saga of FBARs and IRS Penalties for FBAR Another day and another case involving FBAR penalties, compliance, and enforcement.   The best image I can try … Continue reading

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Missed out on OCI? Here’s how to look ahead to your next step (webinar)

It’s not easy to get a job through the on campus interview process. If OCI was not in the cards, you did not get a job offer, or you just don’t want to go straight from law school to private … Continue reading

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