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5 Ways to Mess Up Active Listening

Active listening techniques are often lauded as indispensable in legal negotiations, and for good reason: You’re more likely to reach agreement if you can both understand and demonstrate your understanding to the other side. But there are some common ways … Continue reading

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State legislation could accidentally mess up science education

Enlarge / Photo Taken In Thailand, Chon Buri (credit: Weeraya Siankulpatanakij / EyeEm | Getty Images) As state legislatures begin their annual consideration of bills, there is invariably a set of bills introduced that targets science education, typically focusing on … Continue reading

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McDonald’s Big, Super, Good-for-nothing European Trademark Mess

From time to time, I post squirrelly thoughts. Today, I wonder: Should a large company with famous, distinct trademarks sometimes hold back from aggressively enforcing those trademarks, even when doing so might at first appear to be a useful competitive … Continue reading

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A Fine Mess

A town court justice has entered into a stipulation and resigned her office in a determination of the New York Commission on Judicial Conduct. AHAM reported on charges Manchester Town judge who ordered people to pay up for traffic and… … Continue reading

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New on LLRX – The Practice Of Law, Theory, And Our Mess

Via LLRX.com – The Practice Of Law, Theory, And Our Mess – Ken Grady discusses how the lack of a theory supporting the delivery of legal services has contributed to “a mess” in respect to the goal of achieving organizational … Continue reading

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