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Dems want prisoners to vote because it'll mean more votes for their party – Hot Air

Here is a prediction: You’re going to hear a lot more from Democrats in 2020 about forgiving student-loan debt for upwardly mobile young people, who vote in substantial numbers and who make considerable political contributions. When it comes to felons, … Continue reading

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What the FTC Suit Surescripts Suit Might Mean for the Tech Sector

In a case that has huge potential implications for the tech sector, the FTC just sued Surescripts, accusing it of abusing monopoly power. Surescripts offers software that lets hospitals and doctors send prescriptions electronically to pharmacies, and then connects the … Continue reading

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Save your power: say what you mean, without over-apologizing

Career Contessa provides advice for anyone who apologizes excessively and unnecessarily. Saving your verbal power when it’s not your fault enhances your authority and confidence. Donna Moriarty explains the concepts and also identifies examples of being “brief, specific, direct,” such… … Continue reading

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FDA Takes Interest in Compounding Medications; Does this Mean Compounded Medications Will be Included in WCMSAs in the Future?

Last week the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) Commissioner, Scott Gottlieb, M.D. and Deputy Commissioner, Anna Abram issued a statement on new 2019 efforts to improve the quality of compounded drugs.  The statement can be found here.  Interestingly in 2018, the … Continue reading

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What Pension Changes Mean for Divorcing Military Personnel

In 2017, National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) made a radical change to the way states divide the military pensions of divorcing spouses. Before the NDAA, states had the discretion of dividing pensions of divorcing military personnel as they saw fit. … Continue reading

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