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U.S. Lawmakers Urge DOJ, DEA to Hurry Marijuana Policy Changes

Dozens of bipartisan Congressional leaders signed onto a letter pressing top law enforcement agencies for faster action in approving marijuana cultivation for government research. The Associated Press reports the letter advocated for more analysis of the medicinal properties, benefits and … Continue reading

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New Jersey Appellate Court Reinstates Lawsuit Claiming Disability Discrimination Based on Medical Marijuana Use

New Jersey is among the more than half of all U.S. states that allows the possession and use of small amounts of marijuana for medical purposes, under the supervision of a physician. Recreational use is still prohibited by state law, … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Marijuana:  Big Opportunities and Challenges for Insurers

Paul T. Curley One of the more interesting businesses to emerge in recent years has been the legal marijuana industry. Because of lingering legal issues, this industry’s emergence has been accompanied by a host of complications. These complications in turn … Continue reading

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Nevada US Attorney Trutanich may pursue marijuana prosecutions

Trutanich, who is appealing the judge’s decision to toss the Bundy case out, believes federal law enforcement should play a larger role in curbing local crime rates. Even though the flood gates opened for recreational use, don’t discount the numerous … Continue reading

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Mandamus relief denied for dismissing Virginia marijuana prosecutions

  Mandamus relief is not available to Virginia prosecutors seeking marijuana case dismissals Mandamus relief is not forthcoming in response to Norfolk, Virginia, Circuit Court judges refusing the commonwealth attorney’s office’s seeking dismissal of misdemeanor marijuana cases that get appealed … Continue reading

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