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CNN: Your Tax Bill on the Line in Todays Vote

CNN: Your Tax Bill on the Line, by Jeanne Sahadi: How successful the next president will be in making any or all of his tax proposals a reality turns on several factors: the state of the economy, how willing foreigners… … Continue reading

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Property owner liable if a firefighter is injured in the line of duty due to the owner's failure to comply with law, rule or regulation that resulted in the injury

General Municipal Law §205-a "gives a firefighter . . . a right of action against any person whose negligent failure to comply with a government provision either  directly or indirectly results in injury" suffered in the "line of duty."A city … Continue reading

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Carnival Cruise Line Bans Guests Caught in a Broken Elevator

A reader of Cruise Law News sent this link to me today. It seems that after an elevator malfunctioned on the Carnival Inspiration last weekend, with five guests inside, Carnival handled the situation poorly according to the comments posted online. … Continue reading

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Amazon's book banning crosses a dangerous censorship line | The Christian Post

With the news last week that Amazon has banned Mohammed’s Koran: Why Muslims Kill for Islam, co-authored by British activist Tommy Robinson and Peter McLoughlin, Amazon has crossed a very dangerous and precarious line.Two immediate questions come to mind. First, … Continue reading

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How Dumb Is Ocasio-Cortez? | Power Line

The two hottest commodities in the Democratic Party are Ilhan Omar and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Earlier this week, Omar exhibited stunning ignorance in her hostile questioning of Elliott Adams Abrams. Similarly, Ocasio-Cortez has often displayed a surprising lack of knowledge for … Continue reading

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