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Lawyer Like a Mother

We are getting ready for Mother’s Day Weekend and I am hoping to spend Sunday being waited on hand and foot by my girls and my husband … or at least getting out of doing the laundry. But I am … Continue reading

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Which Tech Company Is Uber Most Like? Its Answer May Surprise You

It’s not Lyft or Didi Chuxing or another ride-hailing firm. Instead, Uber sees itself as the Amazon of transportation. Read more detail on Recent Business Law posts –

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There’s snow business like snow business: considerations for your off-season acquisition

Eastern Canada’s ski season has officially come to a close. However, there is more reason than ever to keep an eye on the moguls.  While activities on the slopes may have ceased, market activity is often at its peak during … Continue reading

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Should Offensive Words or Phrases Like “FUCT” Be Trademarked?

The owner of the “FUCT” clothing brand, Erik Brunetti, will soon appear before the Supreme Court  to challenge a federal trademarking law that allows government officials to refuse trademarks that they deem “scandalous” or “immoral.” Brunetti called the provision an unconstitutional … Continue reading

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“Whatever virtues a film like this might have, critical distance probably isn’t one of them.”

Christoph Büchel’s installation behind Mass MoCA’s yellow tarp covers. Former Mass MoCA Director’s wife makes documentary film about Mass MoCA. What do you get? Well, apparently a not-very-objective take on the lawsuit and PR campaign that Mass MoCA aggressively launched … Continue reading

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