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Let’s Talk About Trademarks

“Lemonade, anyone?” by trippinlarry from Flickr (Creative Commons License)I’m going to say “no” a lot today. I’ve seen many trademark questions lately, many of which make me cringe. Here’s what you need to know about trademarks. They are synonymous with … Continue reading

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Let’s Talk Lunch: Understanding California’s Meal Period Laws

Here are some fun facts about lunch. The origin of the word lunch (luncheon) comes from the anglo-saxon word, “nuncheon,” meaning “noon drink.” In Spanish, the word for lunch is almuerzo. In German, lunch is mittagessen. Hobbits call it Elevenses. … Continue reading

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No Breaking, Just Entering: Smart Home Technology Lets In Unwelcome Visitors

By: Noelle Symanski “Alexa, let my ex see all the things I purchased off Amazon and the list of commands I gave you.” This is not a command that a smart home technology user would be expected to give, but … Continue reading

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Let’s kick discrimination out of real estate

By Michael H. WassermanDiscrimination is an ugly, pervasive problem. Even in real estate. We have come a long way over the course of American history, but we still have some work to do, especially in Chicago. As with any problem, … Continue reading

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New Corpus Linguistics Platform Lets Legal Researchers Explore the Meanings of Words and Phrases

A first-of-its-kind technology platform launching today allows legal researchers to examine large collections of historical texts to help determine the meanings of words and phrases in the contexts in which they historically were used. The Law and Corpus Linguistics Technology … Continue reading

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