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Johnson And Johnson Kept A Close Watch On Talc Research

In 2019, Johnson & Johnson is facing more than 11,000 lawsuits regarding their iconic baby powder. The litigants claim that lifetime use of the baby powder has led to contracting cancers such as ovarian cancer and the rare lung cancer … Continue reading

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Buzz Aldrin Took Holy Communion on the Moon. NASA Kept it Quiet – HISTORY

And so Aldrin spent his time doing something unexpected, something no man had ever attempted before. Alone and overwhelmed by anticipation, he took part in the first Christian sacrament ever performed on the moon—a rite of Christian communion. via www.history.com … Continue reading

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Research Tax Credit Records Must Be Kept for 40+ Years

A frequent question is how long one has to keep records for tax purposes. According to United States v. Quebe, No. 3:15-cv-294 (S.D. Ohio 2019) provides the answer for research tax credits. The answer is that you have to keep … Continue reading

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USPTO Database: World’s Best Kept Secret For Cult Fans (and new filers, too!)

\ In this day and age of fast-paced innovation, the question of “what’s the next big thing” often hounds even the least-interested of onlookers. While only the most rabid of technologists strive to have the deepest understanding of the latest … Continue reading

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CA6: Computers, like guns, are usually kept at home, and that’s nexus for search of house for a computer [!?]

A computer, like a gun, is usually kept in the home, and a search warrant for a computer establishes nexus to search defendant’s house[!, really?]. Thus, thus there was no Fourth Amendment violation and alternatively there was qualified immunity. Peffer … Continue reading

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