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Are Make Believe Juries as Good for Prosecutors as Real Ones?

Anna Offit, Prosecuting in the Shadow of the Jury, 133 Nw. U. L. Rev. _ (forthcoming, 2019), available at SSRN. Rebecca Roiphe Scholars often speculate about how prosecutors exercise their vast discretion. Most of these critics make well-founded conclusions based on … Continue reading

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Amendments to the Juries Act in Ontario

The current jury system has long been criticized in Ontario, in particular in regards to its diversity and representation. Hints in Ontario’s recent budget suggest some changes are forthcoming. A big part of the reason for Ontario’s problems is that … Continue reading

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ABA policy in action: Louisiana votes to require unanimous juries in felony cases

The bells of freedom are ringing in Louisiana. Yesterday, the citizens of Louisiana voted to end the practice of non-unanimous juries in felony cases. Amendment 2 requires a unanimous verdict of a 12-member jury for felony convictions. Current law allows … Continue reading

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Reading list: influencing juries in litigation hot spots

Megan M. La Belle, Influencing Juries in Litigation “Hot Spots”: The article argues that litigants and attorneys sometimes use advertising to improperly sway the jury pool, sometimes by making factual claims but sometimes by using image advertising to create favorable … Continue reading

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Juries and Emerging Democracies

Brent T. White, Putting Aside the Rule of Law Myth: Corruption and the Case for Juries in Emerging Democracies, 43 Cornell Int’l L.J. 307 (2010), available at SSRN. Suja A. Thomas One prevailing idea is that democracy, which fosters economic … Continue reading

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