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Roe, Judicial Review, and the Myth of Abortion as a Constitutional Outlier

By Eric SegallIn Roe v. Wade, seven Supreme Court Justices signed on to an opinion detailing the substantial burdens on women and their families of abortion bans and balanced those harms against the states’ interest in the health of the … Continue reading

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Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court Says Bicycle Accident Case Against Utility Company Should Not Have Been Dismissed on Summary Judgment

All Massachusetts personal injury and wrongful death cases are subject to strict filing deadlines called “statutes of limitation.” Cases not filed within the time set forth by these statutes are almost always dismissed on procedural grounds. It is important to … Continue reading

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Pennsylvania Judicial Discipline Handbook

  Pennsylvania Judicial Discipline Handbook by Sarah A. Steers, J.D. and Joel Fishman, PH.D., M.L.S. (George T. Bisel Company, 2018) pulls together important information and case law on judicial discipline.  It is a great resource for attorneys and judges, and … Continue reading

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Landau & Dixon on Abusive Judicial Review

David Landau (Florida State University – College of Law) & Rosalind Dixon (University of New South Wales (UNSW) – Faculty of Law) have posted Abusive Judicial Review: Courts Against Democracy (53 UC Davis Law Review, 2020, Forthcoming) on SSRN.  Here is the … Continue reading

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Statutory Clarity and Judicial Review of Regulatory Impact Analysis

A common phenomenon in partisan politics is the periodic realignment of the parties’ positions as their electoral successes ebb and flow. For example, many conservatives who once decried the muscular interpretation of executive power taken by the Obama Administration have … Continue reading

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