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Beware the zombie invasion (stock exchange edition)

On September 18, Deloitte released a new report which outlines a roadmap for the competitive business climate in Canada. Included in the report is a warning that “Canada may have a zombie problem.” Luckily, Deloitte isn’t raising concern about hordes … Continue reading

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There Is No Invasion at the Southern Border

Border Patrol agents keep watch during the start of construction of a new bollard wall in Santa Teresa, New Mexico, on April 9. Jose Luis Gonzalez/Reuters In this post on Slate, Roy Germano resists President Trump's claim that the United… … Continue reading

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Marking the Fifth Anniversary of the Invasion of Iraq

The War in Afghanistan In Afghanistan, there have been 772 coalition deaths — 483 Americans, four Australians, 89 Britons, 81 Canadians, two Czech, 12 Danes, 14 Dutch, two Estonians, one Finn, 12 French, 22 Germans, 11 Italians, three Norwegians, three… … Continue reading

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Montclair Man Arrested for Invasion of Privacy

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