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An Interesting Twist . . .

Review the case and history of United States v. McKittrick, 142, F3rd 1170 (9th Cir. 1998). Or, better yet, read Ed Newcomer and Marie Palladini’s article in the ABA SEER EECC’s newsletter on the Endangered Species Act. http://www.abanet.org/environ/committees/environcrimes/newsletter/jan09/EECC_Jan09.pdf Newcomer is… … Continue reading

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Interesting look at data collection and use in prosecutorial decision-making

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Some interesting portions of the Manafort plea agreement

Here is the entire agreement. Some interesting parts:1. The Government believes that the sentencing guidelines yield a sentence of 210-262 months, even after acceptance of responsibility. That means that if Manafort had gone to trial and lost, the prosecution would … Continue reading

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Interesting review of the "footprint" of marijuana prohibition and expungement prospects in Michigan months before full legalization vote

The Detroit Free Press has this notable new article that includes interesting data on the bite of marijuana prohibition in the Wolverine State. The piece is headlined "Some marijuana convictions could disappear if voters approve legal pot," and here are … Continue reading

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Interesting discussions of new prison units dedicated to offenders who are veteran

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