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IP Lawsuit Triggers Insurers’ Duty to Defend

A federal court in Pennsylvania has held that Liberty Mutual must defend its insured, Hershey Creamery Company, in an intellectual property infringement lawsuit because the suit raises claims that potentially implicate coverage under the policies’ personal and advertising injury coverages. The … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Marijuana:  Big Opportunities and Challenges for Insurers

Paul T. Curley One of the more interesting businesses to emerge in recent years has been the legal marijuana industry. Because of lingering legal issues, this industry’s emergence has been accompanied by a host of complications. These complications in turn … Continue reading

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Massachusetts Appellate Court Rejects Insurer’s Challenge to Benefits and Medical Expenses Reimbursement Award to Injured Officer

Although the Massachusetts workers’ compensation system allows injured workers to receive benefit payments, a worker who suffers a temporary or partial disability may be asked to perform light duty work by the employer until he or she is cleared to … Continue reading

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Massachusetts Appellate Court Upholds Award of Benefits and Medical Expenses Reimbursements to Injured Patrolman over Insurer’s Objections

Work-related injuries at work can lead to devastating injuries, but many workers try to push through their pain so that they can continue working. In some instances, the employer may try to reassign an employee to light-duty work in order … Continue reading

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Settlement Ends Insurer’s Contract Dispute After $5.5M Arbitration Award

Attorney Richard Robbins said his client, Noble Systems, agreed to a “slightly discounted” settlement after he moved to enforce a $5.5 million arbitration award against Infinity Insurance and its parent, Kemper Corp. An insurer paid a  “slightly discounted” settlement after … Continue reading

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