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Procedural Innovations to Address the Secrecy Problem in National Security Litigation

Shirin Sinnar, Procedural Experimentation and National Security in the Courts, 106 Cal. L. Rev. 991 (2018). Pamela Bookman Public litigation implicating national security issues faces a particularly thorny problem: the need for secrecy. On one hand, this kind of litigation—whether challenging … Continue reading

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AU WCL to Host Conference on Innovations in the First-Year Law Curriculum This Friday

American University’s Washington College of Law will host the conference “Innovations in the First Year Curriculum” from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Friday, March 21, 2008 [Details] Sponsored by the WCLs Integrated Curriculum Program, Office of Academic Affairs and Office… … Continue reading

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Supply chain innovations and partial ownership

Hunold, Matthias and Shekhar, Shiva explore Supply chain innovations and partial ownership. ABSTRACT: We show that competing downstream firms may rather invest in their inefficient inhouse production than help improve the technology of the efficient supplier, even if this is… … Continue reading

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A Focus on Innovators Instead of Innovations

I noticed this week that my sometimes co-author Colleen Chien (Santa Clara) has posted the abstract for a new paper called Innovators on SSRN:This Article argues for a shift in how we view and use the patent system, to a … Continue reading

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Solus Industrial Innovations, LLC v. Superior Court, S222314

Labor law: Workplace safety: Cal/OSHA: Unfair competition: Unfair advertising: Consumer protection: Supremacy clause: Preemption: Equitable remedies:(…) The federal OSH Act (29 U.S.C. § 651 et seq.) provides that the federal Secretary of Labor shall adopt standards for occupational safety and … Continue reading

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