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No Surprise if Your Slip and Fall Accident Happened Here

Location. Location. Location. You’ve heard the phrase used in conjunction with the real estate market. However, here’s something you might not know. You’re more at risk for a slip and fall accident in particular types of places. Are you busy … Continue reading

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Adults Who Were Sexually Abused As Children Will Soon Be Allowed To Sue Their Sexual Predators (and those who harbored them), No Matter How Long Ago It Happened In New York!

On January 28 of this Year New York’s legislative bodies put the final touches on the “Child Victims Act”.  It’s almost law. All that is needed now is Governor Cuomo’s signature, which is sure to come soon. The new law … Continue reading

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What Happened to Paul Manafort’s Redactions?

Attorney Kevin Downing and his client, Paul Manafort – Flickr Photo Credit: Victoria Pickering Lawyers working for former Trump Campaign manager and convicted felon, Paul Manafort filed a document yesterday that contains the clearest public evidence to date of coordination between the … Continue reading

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San Diego Vacation Rental Limitations: What Happened and What Will Happen Next?

Author: Staff San Diego’s City Council spent much of 2018 arguing over proposed vacation rental regulations. In July, the City Council passed two ordinances imposing strict limits on “short term residential occupancy” (STRO). Opponents of the ordinances circulated a petition … Continue reading

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OKAY, I’VE ALWAYS BEEN A MATTIS FAN, BUT THIS HAPPENED ON HIS WATCH: Soldiers don ‘pregnancy simulators.’ The Army is ordering its hardened combat veterans to wear fake breasts and empathy bellies so they can better understand how pregnant soldiers … Continue reading

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