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5 Marketing Hacks for Ambitious Attorneys

5 Marketing Hacks for Ambitious Attorneys Having a good skill set and reputation is essential when it comes to obtaining clients for lawyers, but law firm business can be improved with an online presence and excellent marketing. Having all the … Continue reading

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When Mind Hacks Won’t Work: Brute Force Memorization

I’m always on the lookout for new ways to make my studying and learning more effective and efficient. I’m a big fan of the peg system, image linking, and mindmaps. Unfortunately, I’ve found these techniques useless for memorizing 40 page … Continue reading

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Report: Chinese government is behind a decade of hacks on software companies

Enlarge / This phishing message used Google's link-shortening service, allowing researchers to learned details about potential targets. (credit: ProtectWise) Researchers said Chinese intelligence officers are behind almost a decade's worth of network intrusions that use advanced malware to penetrate software … Continue reading

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Motorcycle Hacks: Being A Smart and Cool Rider 

If you’ve been in the motorcycle game for some time now, you’ve likely learned a few motorcycle hacks along the way. But, for new riders— they might not have learned those tricks of the trade yet. From old-school Apple Maps, … Continue reading

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Building Your Law Firm’s Business with 10 Social Media Hacks

There's an easy way for law firms to think about social media. Instead of a vast, overwhelming network of talking heads, social media is one thing and one thing only for businesses: Opportunity. Categories: PaperStreet The post Building Your Law Firm’s … Continue reading

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