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T489/14 : saisine de la Grande Chambre sur la brevetabilité des méthodes de simulation

Dans l'affaire T489/14, la Chambre 3.5.07 saisit la Grande Chambre des questions suivantes: 1. Dans l'évaluation de l'activité inventive, la simulation mise en œuvre par ordinateur d'un système ou d'un procédé technique peut-elle résoudre un problème technique par la production … Continue reading

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Rio Grande Politics

McAllen is a well-integrated bicultural community with a population of 140,269. It is one of the most remarkable cities in the US which is all-American but speaks Spanish just as fluently. In fact, most of the street signs are written … Continue reading

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Rio Grande Mosquito Problem

The recent rise in temperature and rainy weather has created a surge of mosquitoes in the Rio Grande Valley. The high number of mosquitoes in the area has caused some concern among the general public. The City of McAllen is … Continue reading

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Are Internet Access Providers Liable for Their Subscribers’ Copyright Infringements?–UMG v. Grande

By 2018, you’d think it would be clear when Internet access providers (I HATE the term “ISP”) are liable for user-committed copyright infringements. After all, the 1995 Netcom case discussed Netcom’s functions as an IAP, and the DMCA in 1998 codified … Continue reading

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Starbucks CEO's Misguided Grande Political Stunt

Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz might mean well. He is known for contributing heavily to Democratic candidates and supporting progressive causes. But, his latest stunt to halt campaign contributions until lawmakers "strike a bipartisan, balanced long-term debt deal that addresses both … Continue reading

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