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Jury Rules in SEC’s Favor, Finds Brokerage Firm and Two of Its Executives Liable for Fraud

Jurors in Manhattan federal court today returned a verdict in the Securities and Exchange Commission’s favor against a brokerage firm and two of its executives.The SEC charged the brokerage firm, Portfolio Advisors Alliance Inc. (PAA), Howard J. Allen, the indirect owner of … Continue reading

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Federal Court Hearing Georgia Woman’s Retaliation Case Rules Partially in Her Favor, Partially in Employer’s Favor, on Motion to Dismiss

An Atlanta employment discrimination case can be complex, with multiple allegations and several different theories of recovery. For example, a worker may allege that he or she has been treated in a way that runs afoul of state or federal … Continue reading

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SEC rules in favor of company in shareholder business litigation

Shareholders are an important part of many big corporations in Oregon and elsewhere. These individuals often have input into certain decisions regarding company actions, and meetings allow for issues to be presented and for votes to take place on applicable … Continue reading

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CAFC finds, in part, in favor of pro se patentee

The decision of noninfringement of WD Mich was vacated:We vacate the grant of summary judgmentof noninfringement and remand for further proceedings.While we are sympathetic to the fact that the districtcourt is handling a complex patent case involving a pro sepatent … Continue reading

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New Jersey Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Drug Court Graduates Regarding Expungement

If you are a successful graduate of the drug court program in New Jersey, a recent ruling by the New Jersey Supreme Court in In the Matter of the Expungement of the Arrest/Charge Records of T.B. has just made it … Continue reading

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