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Father Regrets Signing Minutes Of Settlement; But Can He Convince The Courts To Overturn?

Back in April we looked at a case where the courts refused to overturn a separation agreement entered into by two parents. Another recent decision, this time from the Ontario Superior Court of Justice, highlights just how important it is … Continue reading

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Sperm Donor Tells Australian High Court He is the Legal Father to Lesbian Couple's Daughter

Robert Masson, as he is known to Australia's High Court, claims that he is the legal father to a lesbian couple's young daughter. He states that one of the women, a friend of his for 25 years, approached him to… … Continue reading

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How Can I Protect My Parental Rights as a Father?

Every year, thousands of American couples make the difficult decision to pursue a divorce. A divorce can represent an opportunity to start a new and independent life. However, when children are involved, the divorce process can be incredibly tense. For … Continue reading

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How to Add the Father to a Child’s Birth Certificate in Illinois When the Mother Objects

In this Learn About Law article we discuss the process of adding a father to a birth certificate when the mother objects Read more detail on Recent Real Estate and Property Law posts –

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"… the man before him was not an aging father but a boy, a boy much like himself…"

Time to roll out another passage from Tom Wolfe's "Bonfire of the Vanities," which some of you are reading along with me. Here's a little something from 66% of the way through the book, in a scene where our main … Continue reading

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