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Families, Inc.

Allison Anna Tait, Corporate Family Law, 112 Nw. U. L. Rev. 1 (2019). Melissa Murray From Dallas and Dynasty to Hobby Lobby, NewsCorp, and the First Family, American culture is replete with the successes (and failures) of family businesses. But interestingly, even … Continue reading

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Joint Trusts – A Great Planning Opportunity for Non-Traditional Couples and Blended Families

Creating an estate plan for clients who are in non-traditional relationships or are part of a blended family can be very tricky.  Why is Estate Planning for Non-Traditional Couples So Tricky?Let's assume a hypothetical fact situation where you have a women … Continue reading

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Proposals for coroners to investigate late-term stillbirths would provide relief to grieving families

Last year, I settled a negligence case involving a stillbirth that could easily have been avoided. As for many other parents I have acted for, the financial settlement achieved on behalf of the family was less vital than the need … Continue reading

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Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302: Can Families Hold the FAA Liable For Certifying the Boeing 737 Max 800 As Safe When It Wasn’t?

Normally, the FAA cannot be sued for doing a bad job certifying an aircraft as safe. But in the case of the 737 Max, things might be different. As a general rule, the FAA cannot be sued as long as, … Continue reading

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Effects of Government Shutdown on U.S. Coast Guard Workers, Families, and Economy

While Monday was the first day back to work for hundreds of thousands of workers around the country, it was just another day for the U.S. Coast Guard; they have been working without pay since the partial government shutdown began … Continue reading

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