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Five Factors that can Skew a DUI Test in Georgia

Drivers who fail a DUI test in Georgia often cave in and plead guilty to get the ordeal over with. They believe the results of a breath or blood test are foolproof. This is not always the case. A range … Continue reading

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Factors considered by courts in evaluating the disciplinary penalty imposed on an employee found guilty of misconduct

Supreme Court denied an Educator's petition seeking to vacate the determination of the New York City Board of Education [DOE] terminating her from employment after a Disciplinary Hearing Officer had found her guilty of a number of charges and specifications. … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Cyber Risk Health Factors Case Study — Technology Alone Can’t Fix Security

Paul Ferrillo Christophe Veltsos In the second part of a three part series, Paul Ferrillo and Christophe Veltsos explain how cyber risk assessments can provide value. Paul is a shareholder in the Greenberg Traurig law firm’s Cybersecurity, Privacy, and Crisis … Continue reading

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Six Factors to Consider Before Selling Your Company

Selling your company can be a bittersweet experience. The business you worked hard to build has become a success, but it is time for you to move to the next phase of your career or life. Before you place your … Continue reading

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The Factors Rhode Island Courts Consider When Making Child-Custody Determinations

While many issues must be resolved when spouses separate, child custody matters are frequently the most hotly contested issues in a Rhode Island divorce. The term “child custody” refers to two separate types of custody, physical and legal. Physical custody … Continue reading

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