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Do Employers in California Have to Report Employee Tip Income on Taxes?

If you operate a restaurant or similar business where it is customary for employees to collect tips, it is important to note whether you have to pay taxes on those tips. Employers that do not accurately report income from tips … Continue reading

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What’s an Employer to Do About its Standard Arbitration Agreement in all of its Employee Contracts in Ohio – Arnold v. Burger King and Jones v. Carrols, LLC d/b/a Burger King

If you’ve ever eaten at a Burger King in Ohio, it may well be one that is owned and operated by Carrols LLC, the largest franchisee of Burger King restaurants in the United States.  Carrols and its related entities own … Continue reading

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Insurance Agent for Northwestern Mutual Found to be Independent Contractor, Not Employee

In a very favorable ruling for insurance companies, a federal district court on May 6 held that Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company had not misclassified as an independent contractor (IC) a life insurance agent who alleged that he was an … Continue reading

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Terminating an employee in the Classified Service of New York State or a political subdivision of New York State during his or her probationary period

Typically employees appointed to positions in the classified service* of the State of New York or a political subdivision of the State are subject to their satisfactory completion a probationary period defined in terms of a "minimum period of probation" … Continue reading

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New York State's Military Law provides certain benefits to a public employee "deployed on military service" before completing his or her probationary period

The Appellate Division reversed Supreme Court's denial of the CPLR Article 78 petition filed by a New York City police officer [Petitioner] seeking reinstatement to her position after the New York City Police Department [Department] terminated her employment as a … Continue reading

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