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Many employers possess confidential information vital to generating profits. Employers routinely entrust employees with this information to facilitate business operations, but employees often leave their job after a few years to work for a competitor. When this happens, the employee … Continue reading

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Three ways to maximize the career potential in each of your law school summers

What are you planning on doing this and maybe the next few summers? If you plan it well, three years of law school can provide you with up to four summers’ worth of work experience in law/related fields. From traditional … Continue reading

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What Firearms Law and Regulatory Scholarship Can Learn from Each Other

It would be an understatement to say that gun debate partisans have different views about the proper relationship between gun rights and regulation. From a scholarly perspective, those differences are typically refracted through the lenses of constitutional law, public health, … Continue reading

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Georgia Court of Appeals Holds That Policyholder Can “Stack” the Limits of Each Primary Policy After Asbestos Claim

A Georgia Court of Appeals judge recently ruled that Scapa Dryer Fabrics was entitled to $17.4 million worth of primary coverage from National Union Fire Insurance Company of Pittsburgh, PA for claims of injurious exposure to Scapa’s asbestos-containing dryer felts. … Continue reading

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What Do We Owe Each Other? Mediation Is A Self-Selecting Process.

Couples that select mediation are often looking for 3 things: 1) fairness, 2) to make their own decisions, and 3) a more economical way to reach resolution of their marital and family situation.  Fairness:  Even in a high-conflict situation, most … Continue reading

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