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Selling or Transferring California Real Estate that Is Subject to a “Due on Sale” Clause

Author: Staff Most real estate purchases require some form of financing. Banks that issue loans for the purchase of real estate protect their investments in several important ways. The most well-known is the deed of trust, by which the borrower conveys … Continue reading

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How Your Constitutional Right to ‘Due Process of Law’ Can Affect Your Florida Family Law Case

Many times, people may associate legal phrases like “due process of law” with criminal cases. The reality is, though, that all parties in criminal and civil cases are entitled to due process of law. Part of this due process protection … Continue reading

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China’s Biggest Deal Maker Spent Billions. Now the Bill Comes Due.

As Beijing puts growing pressure on some of the country’s most ambitious companies, HNA rushes to sell assets to help pay back $90 billion in debt. Read more detail on Recent Business Law posts –

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