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Update on Florida’s Texting While Driving Bill

A bill that would make texting while driving a primary offense in Florida has passed in both the House and Senate, and now heads for the governor’s desk.  As Crestview personal injury lawyers, we have seen first-hand the dangers of … Continue reading

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The Most Common Kind of Aggressive Driving Accidents in Georgia

Aggressive driving accidents in Georgia occur far too often on the crowded interstates around Atlanta and on rural roads. We often read about road rage crashes. However, aggressive driving may not be synonymous with road rage. It can include speeding, … Continue reading

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Show Your Teens the Money If You Want Them to Stop Texting While Driving

Teens who like to text and drive at the same time may be convinced not to do it if offered some sort of financial incentive. Parents looking to discourage their teens from this risky habit can do so if offered … Continue reading

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330. Dead professor driving

Ive long thought that one of the reasons judges are so concerned about traffic stops is the potential of a traffic stop to wreck a judges career.  Just look at Ohios Justice Resnick (see post 33), Arkansass Judge Davis (see post 36) and … Continue reading

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Is it ever safe to use your cell phone while driving?

Everyone talks about how we shouldn’t text and drive. Ever since our phones became more for texting than talking, we haven’t heard much about calling and driving. But it is still dangerous. The Minnesota state legislature is trying to get … Continue reading

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