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EFF and Public Knowledge File Lawsuit Against USTR demanding Information about the Secret IP Enforce

U.S. Trade Office Withholds Documents on Secret IP Enforcement Treaty – Public Kept in the Dark About Serious Civil Liberties and Privacy Issues — “ACTA raises serious concerns for citizens civil liberties and privacy rights,” said EFF International Policy Director … Continue reading

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Teaching skills in a demanding and ever-changing job market

My spouse and I just returned from our annual holiday trip to the United Kingdom to visit her family and friends. I enjoy the holidays in the UK. The culture promotes taking time off to (almost) completely disconnect from work. … Continue reading

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McKenna: The Demand Side of The Market is Not Demanding AFAs

Following is a post by Canadian strategist Patrick J. McKenna on his Rants and Raves blog and picked up by LegalOnramp. His comments that "value billing" is a revolution, but nobody came, are new evidence reported in articles on the LawMarketing Portal such as: Study Finds No Groundswell … Continue reading

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Surrogate Demanding Overly Aggressive Treatment Loses $3 Million

Albert Joe Beck was the only child of Pearl C. Oppenhorst, and her sole heir pursuant to a 1993 Family Trust. Oppenhorst died from cancer at the age of 94 on March 12, 2008, leaving an estate worth over $3 … Continue reading

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Cruise Lines and Shipping Companies are Liable for Injuries under the Jones Act for Assigning Crew to Jobs which are Too Physically Demanding

Given the nature of working aboard ships, many times captains or officers require crew to undertake jobs which they are not physically suited to perform. Often times, crew members are already sick or injured, and due to short staffing, are … Continue reading

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