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Build defects and fitness for habitation

Rendlesham Estates Plc & Ors v Barr Ltd (2014) EWHC 3968 (TCC) Well, we did write this one up at the time (our report here), but I don’t think we quite appreciated the general significance of the case. We certainly … Continue reading

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Texas Advance Directives Act – Procedural Due Process Defects Illustrated in 1 Minute

I have written a number of articles (and here and here) criticizing the fairness and procedural due process of the dispute resolution provisions in the Texas Advance Directives Act. This brief clip involving a different review panel in a different state nicely … Continue reading

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Fed Cir: Laerdal Medical v ITC – ITC Should Address Sec.1337 Pleading Defects Pre-Proceeding

Plaintiff filed a complaint with ITC alleging, inter alia, trade dress infringement by respondent.  Respondent defaulted.  ITC declines to issue relief regarding trade dress, finding that that “Laerdal failed to plead sufficiently (1) that it suffered the requisite harm, (2) … Continue reading

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Manufacturers Have Strict Liability with Product Defects

When a defective or unexpectedly dangerous product injures you, you can file a product liability lawsuit to collect personal injury compensation. Most product liability cases in Illinois fall under the theory of strict liability, which means that you do not have … Continue reading

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Why Miami Is So Vulnerable to Construction Defects

By David Haber, Esq. Miami’s unique real estate development market makes it particularly vulnerable to construction defects. A reliance on foreign buyers who are more tethered to the ups and downs of the economy makes the timing of construction in … Continue reading

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