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State Criminal Law and Immigration:  How State Criminal-Justice Systems Can Cause Deportations, or Limit Them

by Kendra Sena*                      The Government Law Center’s explainers concisely map out the law that applies to important questions of public policy. This explainer was updated on May 6, 2019. Introduction While the federal government makes the ultimate decision whether to … Continue reading

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Age of Criminal Responsibility Bill

From Holyrood: MSPS have voted unanimously to raise the age of criminal responsibility in Scotland to 12. When the Age of Criminal Responsibility Bill comes in to force, which the Scottish Government has pledged to do by the autumn, primary… … Continue reading

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"Kim Kardashian is the hero that criminal justice reform needs"

That's the title of my latest piece in The Hill, which you can read here.  The introduction:A lot of people talk the talk about criminal justice reform, even though their records on reform are … shall we say … not sparkling. … Continue reading

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Presentation: What’s new in cross-border digital evidence gathering for criminal investigations?

I was invited to present at the High Technology Crime Investigation Association's first annual Canadian Cyber Summit. I spoke about recent issues and trends in cross-border criminal investigations originating in Canada, starting with the current state of affairs and the … Continue reading

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Late-May calendar is a bit light on arguments, heavy on criminal matters, but no death penalty appeals

The Supreme Court announced its late-May calendar today.  May is the only month with two calendars. It used to be that the end-of-term calendars (late-May and June) were unusually busy, but that stopped a couple of years ago.  This one … Continue reading

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