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Dallas Computer Crimes Lawyer Explains Consequences of Catfishing

In an internet age, it’s startlingly easy for someone to use another person’s picture, name, or other identifying information to commit an internet crime. The term “catfishing,” which is sometimes spelled “catphishing” typically involves using someone else’s photo, name, or … Continue reading

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ICC Rejection of Prosecutors Call to Investigate US Service Members for Alleged War Crimes Reveals The Role of Political Power in International Legal Frameworks

By Evan Schleicher On Friday, April 12th, the International Criminal Court’s pre-trial judges unanimously rejected a request by the court’s chief prosecutor to investigate alleged war crimes and crimes against humanity committed in Afghanistan. This was about a week after … Continue reading

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Federal Judge Threatens to Imprison Carnival Executives for Continued Environmental Crimes

Calling Carnival Corporation a “criminal defendant,” United States Federal District Judge Patricia Seitz threatened to send the  “members of Carnival’s executive committee” to a “detention center for a couple of days” for violation of the terms of its probation for … Continue reading

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San Jose Coach Arrested for Sex Crimes Committed a Decade Ago

In criminal court cases, the state has a limited amount of time to bring charges against alleged offenders. Known as the statute of limitations (SOL), once this time period has elapsed, the person may no longer be prosecuted for the … Continue reading

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A note from Dean Michael Scharf, Founder and Editorial Board Advisor of War Crimes Prosecution Watch, on Case Western Reserve University’s new International Criminal Law LLM Program

As documented by the developments covered in the War Crimes Prosecution Watch (WCPW) e-newsletter, international criminal law has become one of the fastest growing and highest profile areas of law.  Taught by leading experts in the field, the Case Western … Continue reading

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