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Uber Lawsuit Shows How Crime Victims Can Obtain Damages for Their Injuries

We’ve written in the past about how criminal acts can not only lead to criminal punishment, but crime victims may have avenues to sue in civil court for the injuries they sustain. Ride sharing giant Uber’s recent legal problems are … Continue reading

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[Eugene Volokh] Crime to Tweet About People Intending to “Abuse” Them?

Mehros Nassersharifi is being charged with making "a telecommunication" "with purpose to harass, intimidate, or abuse a person at the premises to which the telecommunication was made" (Ohio Rev. Code § 2917.21(A)(1)), by creat[ing] a Twitter account named "Perrysburg Girls … Continue reading

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New Report Shows Increase in Violent Crime in San Jose

San Jose was once considered one of the safest big cities in the United States. However, a new report shows that while violent crimes have gone down in other places throughout the Bay Area, the number of assaults and batteries … Continue reading

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U.S. and Bahamas Battle Over Crime Statistics

Yesterday, the U.S. Department of State via the Overseas Security Advisory Council (OSAC) issued its annual report regarding the Bahamas.  The report (which you can read here) concludes, in part, that: “There is serious risk from crime in Nassau, and considerable … Continue reading

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Can I Get A Drug Crime Taken Off My Record?

Drug crimes are very serious charges, and they can haunt you for years to come. Having an arrest for drug possession in Texas can negatively affect your life for years to come. Even if you weren’t found guilty or you … Continue reading

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