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Texas Proposal to Tax Peer-to-Peer Car Sharing is Creative but Misses the Mark

Like other states, the Texas legislature is examining a proposal to extend the state’s 10 percent rental car excise tax onto peer-to-peer car-sharing firms. The proposal is creative in trying to resolve how sales taxes should apply to vehicles sold … Continue reading

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Patent case: Natural Alternatives International Inc. v. Creative Compounds LLC, USA

Thomas LongClaims for methods of administering beta-alanine to increase muscles’ working capacity were valid treatment claims, not merely directed to natural laws. Claims for the supplement products and means of making them were directed to specific formulations, not natural phenomena. … Continue reading

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A creative approach to compulsary licenses — or just PR?

I stumbled upon an open letter of Public Eye to Alain Berset, head of the Federal Department of Home Affairs. Public Eye pushes for a […] public non-commercial use (compulsory) licence on patents related to the breast cancer medicine pertuzumab … Continue reading

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Pay-To-Not-Play: Apparel Companies Get Creative in Their Endorsement Deals with Young Athletes

By: Dalvin Yarbrough Since 2005, high school NBA prospects were required to wait one year before being drafted and realizing their dreams of becoming household names. The “one and done” rule, as it has been aptly named, was implemented by … Continue reading

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Creative Alternatives for Work-from-Home Jobs

If we don’t know how to make any use of them, lots of ideas on the table can sometimes deepen our doubts or confusions. However, not a long time ago, some people finally understood that having a lot of options … Continue reading

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