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New Web App on What You Can Find in Ontario Courthouses

The Ontario Courthouse Libraries Association (OCLA) has launched a new web app to help lawyers plan their visit to the courthouses and courthouse libraries around the province.Information includes details such as :location of the library in the court buildingcontact infohours … Continue reading

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From the Jails to the Streets, Courthouses and Worksites: California Takes on the Federal Immigration Police

The familiar lines were drawn.  Combatants clashed in a war of words, competing governance philosophies, conflicting laws, and judicial challenges – all in an age-old constitutional battle of federal power versus states’ rights. This time around, however, the roles were … Continue reading

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Oklahoma: plan to let county employees carry guns into courthouses modified in House committee

A plan to let more people carry guns into Oklahoma courthouses was modified by a House committee last week. HB 2527 as originally filed and discussed here provided all county employees, not just elected officials as in a 2017 law … Continue reading

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Divorce, Anger Management, and Driving Cars Through Courthouses

Have you ever gotten so angry that you have completely lost control of your temper and every shred of your common sense? Divorce can apparently do that to some people. According to news reports, a South Georgia bailiff, reportedly angry … Continue reading

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