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The Role of Appropriate Access to Care in Reducing Health System Costs

Seeking to address growing concerns about U.S. health care costs, policymakers in many cases are turning to patient access restrictions in efforts to reduce spending and, as such, control costs. Cost-containment objectives are undoubtedly necessary to pursue. But policies that … Continue reading

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Attorney Fees and Costs: How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Divorce Attorney in Tampa Bay?

Divorce may be the right decision for a particular relationship, but getting to the end and seeing a judge officially dissolve the union is an entirely separate matter. Accessing the legal system for any issue comes with a financial cost, … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Allocation of Defense Costs in D&O Litigation

Peter Selvin Ben Clements In the following guest post, Peter Selvin and Ben Clements take a look at the legal principles involved in the allocation of defense expense under a D&O insurance policy. Peter Selvin is a member of TroyGould … Continue reading

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U.S. War Costs Casualties and Personnel Levels Since 9/11

CRS report via FAS – U.S. War Costs Casualties and Personnel Levels Since 9/11, April 18, 2019 “Seventeen years have passed since the U.S. initiated major military operations following the September 11, 2001,terrorist attacks. In the intervening period, operations first classified … Continue reading

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The True Costs of Not Having a Website for Your Law Firm

The legal field might be notorious for moving slowly towards innovation that threatens the status quo, but it’s still shocking to discover that a significant chunk of law firms do not have a website, at all. Not having a website … Continue reading

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