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Trump Administration Continues to Clash with Courts over Energy Policy

Recent developments over the last several weeks have intensified the ongoing struggle between the current administration of President Donald Trump and the federal judicial system concerning energy policy as it relates to the exploration and production of crude oil and … Continue reading

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She don't lie, but the pharmaco might: cocaine false advertising case continues

Genus Lifesciences Inc. v. Lannett Company, Inc., 2019 WL 1981186, No. 18-cv-07603-WHO (N.D. Cal. May 3, 2019)Genus competes with Lannett in the market for cocaine hydrochloride nasal spray. It sued Lannett for false advertising and maintaining a monopoly related to … Continue reading

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Marketing Continues Despite Talc Powder Cancer Concerns

Johnson & Johnson’s Talc Powder Product Marketing Still Aimed at Minority Groups Despite Cancer Claims Decades of questioning the use and dangers of cosmetic talc powder in health and personal hygiene products finally came to light in 2006, when the … Continue reading

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China-US Decoupling Continues and Will Continue, but Must be Done Right

The Wall Street Journal ran a front page article last week on how American companies are working to reduce their exposure to China. The article is titled, Trade Deal Alone Won’t Fix Strained U.S.-China Business Relations, and it reinforces what … Continue reading

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Identity Theft Continues to Rank High on IRS “Dirty Dozen” Despite Recent Gains

Despite a steep drop in tax-related identity theft in recent years, the Internal Revenue Service warns taxpayers that the scam remains serious enough to earn a spot on the 2019 “Dirty Dozen” list of tax scams. “Taxpayers should continue to … Continue reading

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