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Consider this – Alexa is always listening and collecting data about you

The Daily Dot – Here’s what you need to know about the security and privacy implications of smart speakers, both the myths and the realities – 1) Smart speakers are always listening – One of the first things you’ll hear … Continue reading

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Under Florida law, noncompete agreements signed after July 1996 are governed by Florida Statutes § 542.335.  This statute is the basis for court decisions as to whether any non-competition contract can be enforced in the State of Florida.  Over the … Continue reading

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9th Circuit to consider whether the FAAAA preempts California’s ABC test for independent contractor truck drivers

California companies have been required to reconsider their use of independent contractors since the state’s Supreme Court outlined the new ABC test in Dynamex Operations West, Inc. v. Superior Court. Unlike the prior Borello test, which involved the balancing of … Continue reading

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California's Assembly Will Consider Only Industry Bills

We are disappointed the California Assembly Privacy and Consumer Protection Committee will not hear A.B. 1760, which would have substantially strengthened the California Consumer Privacy Act. Tomorrow, the Privacy Committee will instead vote on several bills backed by Big Tech … Continue reading

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Odor of Marijuana and search of commercial building to be consider by Massachusetts SJC

The Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court heard oral argument on April 2 in the Commonwealth v. Long. This case raises the issues of the detection of marijuana and probable cause to search a commercial building.   In this case, two officers … Continue reading

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