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Employer’s Campaign Prediction That Employees Would Have To Join Union And Pay Dues As Condition Of Employment Not Coercive, NLRB Majority Rules

The NLRB currently is churning out cases and Advice Memoranda at a fairly regular pace.  We recently discussed NLRB decisions addressing information requests, handbook statements, and confidential informants. An interesting area of NLRB case law concerns campaign statements,–statements made by employer representatives … Continue reading

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Suspensive condition of tender not met – no valid contract

A builder submitted a tender to the Development Bank of Southern Africa (DBSA) for construction of a school. The tender was ‘conditionally accepted’ and further documents had to be submitted by a deadline date after which the construction contract would … Continue reading

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Medical Condition Prompts Coast Guard to Remove Carnival Dream Passenger From Boat

Dramatic video posted by the United States Coast Guard shows the medevac of a Carnival Dream cruise ship passenger who was removed from the vessel on Monday, May 13. The passenger, a 57-year-old man, was taken from the ship after … Continue reading

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Will My Social Security Disability Benefit Amount Increase If My Condition Worsens?

Social Security Disability is a government program that pays monthly benefits to individuals who become disabled and can no longer work. In order to qualify, the individual must have a disability that is severe enough to prevent  them from working … Continue reading

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Some express condition language for you

When I teach express conditions, we talk a lot about the language that you use to create them. A recent case out of the Northern District of Ohio, Health and Wellness Lifestyle Clubs, LLC v. Raintree Golf, LLC, Case No…. … Continue reading

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