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Court Explains the Evidentiary Concept of “Opening the Door” in Florida Criminal Cases

In Florida, the law affords a person suspected of a crime certain rights and protections. For example, the State is prohibited from introducing evidence of bad acts that are not related to the offense charged against a criminal defendant at … Continue reading

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How the concept of justice is changing in criminal law

On the heels of the 2018 midterm elections in the United States, Americans have demonstrated an ideological shift in the way previously-incarcerated individuals are treated, as well as a reevaluation of which activities constitute a crime. Perhaps the biggest shift … Continue reading

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Kaehler on What Constitutes the Concept of Law? Potentialism as a Position Beyond Positivism and Natural Law

Lorenz Kaehler, University of Bremen Faculty of Law, has published What Constitutes the Concept of Law? Potentialism as a Position Beyond Positivism and Natural Law Theory. Here is the abstract. The dispute about the proper concept of law has long … Continue reading

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CMS Floats Concept of Direct Provider Contracting Innovation Model, Posts Comments on “New Direction” RFI

Last fall, CMS requested public comments on the CMS Innovation Center’s “New Direction,” under which CMS will seek to “promote patient-centered care and test market-driven reforms.” In the interest of transparency and to facilitate discussion, CMS has posted a summary … Continue reading

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Changes proposed regarding parallel imports – An exhausting concept for Australian trade mark owners?

In this article, we consider; the changes to the Trade Marks Act proposed in respect of parallel imports which the Draft Explanatory Memorandum states are aimed at ensuring that the law “better meet[s] the objective of facilitating the parallel importation … Continue reading

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