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Proposed Companies Act Amendments would compromise company privacy

Currently section 26 of the Companies Act 2008 provides only for holders of securities and beneficial interests in securities to have access to the notices and minutes of annual meetings, written communications sent generally to any class of security holders, … Continue reading

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President Offers “Compromise” to End Government Shutdown

Facing mounting pressure from the American public, the President delivered his last-ditch effort offering what he termed a “compromise” to gain support for his controversial wall and put an end to what has been a long-drawn-out government shutdown. In Saturday’s … Continue reading

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It Is Not Only Liberals Who Must Compromise to Stop Trump

by Neil H. BuchananWhen anyone but his supporters talks about Donald Trump, the conversation is clear and unwavering.  No matter the speakers' positions on specific policies, from lefty progressives to hardcore right-wing neoconservatives and all positions in between, everyone understands … Continue reading

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When Not to Compromise – Contested Divorce in Texas

Being agreeable while ending your marriage can save both of you from unnecessary grief and litigation cost. But there are important reasons to contest a divorce, times when you should choose not to compromise with your soon-to-be former spouse. The … Continue reading

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The Tax Compromise

Greg Sargent has an interesting observation about yesterday and today's political developments: Obama's strategy going forward will be to position himself as Washington's lone resident adult in a town full of squabbling children on right and left … Obama was … Continue reading

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