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California Psychologist and Doctor Charged with Fraudulent Workers’ Compensation Evaluations Where Psychologist Was Not Certified as a Qualified Medical Examiner and Doctor's Certification Had Lapsed

In billing for evaluations of workers' compensation patients, health care providers should be very careful to ensure that they do not misrepresent themselves as a certified  Qualified Medical Examiner (QME) on a medical legal evaluation or billing statement. In addition, it is … Continue reading

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Determining eligibility for workers' compensation benefits when an employee is injured while "off duty"

A New York City Transit Authority [Authority] employee [Claimant] was assigned to work the 12:00 a.m. – 8:00 a.m. shift. Claimant "clocked out" ten minutes early "having completed his shift" and took an Authority train to return home. As Claimant … Continue reading

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3 reasons your workers’ compensation claim could be denied

After a workplace injury, you probably have a lot to deal with. You may have to pay huge bills for your medical treatment, on top of not being able to work. A workers’ compensation claim could make things easier for … Continue reading

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Sacramento Area Neurosurgeon Charged With Workers' Compensation Fraud and Insurance Fraud For Alleged Upcoding and Ghost Billing For Services Not Provided

On April 9, 2019, Dr. Laura Anderson, a neurosurgeon from Carmichael, California, was charged with multiple counts of medical insurance fraud, workers’ compensation fraud, and grand theft. A felony complaint is not evidence and Dr. Anderson is presumed innocent.The prosecution … Continue reading

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Share Buybacks & Executive Compensation: Aligning Management’s Incentives

As we previously discussed, the use of share buybacks has accelerated in recent years, both in Canada and the United States. This has sparked anxious debate over the extent to which buybacks can form part of an effective long-term growth strategy. … Continue reading

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