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New Drone Regulations Will Come Into Effect on June 1, 2019

While the use of drones is most often raised as a cautionary tale in the popular media, the commercial application of these aircraft has resulted in a rapidly expanding industry with diverse applications throughout Canada. According to Transport Canada, an … Continue reading

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Things come in threes – Paris Tribunal guts Facebook’s T&C’s

Readers may recall the recent decisions of the Paris Tribunal, which nullified significant portions of Twitter’s and Google’s terms and conditions on the basis of French privacy law, data protection, contract and copyright law (see hereand herefor previous posts).Proving that … Continue reading

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Can Dead Brains Come Back to Life?

Newspaper headlines around the world provocatively ask: "Can Dead Brains Come Back to Life?" (Toronto Star). Even the Wall Street Journal reports: "Scientists Restore Some Brain Function After Death." Commentaries in Nature, this week, suggest that "people who are declared … Continue reading

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Dutch UBO register to come into force in January 2020

On 4 April 2019, the Dutch Minister of Finance (the Minister) submitted a legislative proposal for the introduction of an ultimate beneficial owner register (the UBO Register) in the Netherlands (the Proposal) to the Dutch Parliament. The Minister also, among … Continue reading

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Federal Charges Can Come From Billing Private Health Insurance: San Francisco Acupuncturist Indicted On Health Care Fraud Charges For Alleged False Billing and Upcoding

We are seeing an increase in investigation of acupuncturists and chiropractors relating to billings to private insurance companies. The charges can result from upcoding, billing on the wrong dates, miscoding and other acts and omissions. There is a difference between … Continue reading

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