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No State Action In Denial of Club Leadership Position to Mormon High Schooler

In Ayers v. Fellowship of Christian Athletes, (ED CA, April 4, 2019), a California federal district court dismissed a religious discrimination suit filed under 42 USC Sec. 1983 against against the after-school non-curricular high school club, Fellowship of Christian Athletes … Continue reading

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The Reptile Club: Pride Edition by morningwitch — Kickstarter

The Pride Club is a spin-off series based on my previous Reptile Club enamel pins. Theyre my first dip into an LGBTQ+ themed project and it was really fun to merge that with a big interest of mine!! For questions, … Continue reading

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unauthorized use of model's photo for strip club wasn't false advertising or endorsement

Edmondson v. 2001 Live, Inc., 2019 WL 670201, No. 16-cv-03243-T-17AEP (M.D. Fla. Jan. 15, 2019)Edmondson, a model and public figure, sued for the alleged commercial misappropriation of her image used on 2001 Live’s social media account promoting its “gentleman’s” club’s … Continue reading

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Denver Club “Stripped” Carmen Electra and Others of Compensation, Suit Says

Carmen Electra, joined by models Dessie Mitcheson and Lucy Pinder, sued a Colorado strip club over the club’s allegedly unauthorized use of its photographs on its website and social media in late January of this year. The aggrieved trio claims … Continue reading

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Jury Verdict Stripping Mongols Motorcycle Club of Its Trademarks Raises More Questions Than It Answers

Background The Mongols Nation Motorcycle Club is an outlaw biker club formed in Montebello, California in 1969. The Club is estimated to have up to 1,500 “full patched” members in fourteen states and ten countries, including former member and former … Continue reading

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