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Music labels sue Charter, complain that high Internet speeds fuel piracy

Enlarge / "Yarr, matey, a pirate would be lost at sea without a swift broadband connection." (credit: Getty Images | OcusFocus) The music industry is suing Charter Communications, claiming that the cable Internet provider profits from music piracy by failing … Continue reading

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Charter of Fundamental Rights Signed and Proclaimed

The Charter of Fundamental Rights was signed and proclaimed in Strasbourg, France, by the Presidents of the European Parliament, the Council and the Commission. A press release about it can be found here. This is a step in the signing… … Continue reading

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Lisbon Treaty and Charter Published

The Reform-Lisbon Treaty has been published officially now in the Official Journal. You can find it here together with the protocols and the Final Act. But beware, that is not a consolidated version. The Charter of Fundamental Rights has been… … Continue reading

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Update on BIMCO 2020 Fuel Transition Clause for Time Charter Parties

On 21 December 2018 we commented on the newly released BIMCO clauses intended to address the International Maritime Organization’s revised sulphur content limits with regard to the consumption and carriage of marine fuel (in accordance with Regulation 14 of Annex … Continue reading

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Delaware Court Holds Charter Provision Designating a Federal Forum for Section 11 Claims is Invalid

One idea circulating since the U.S. Supreme Court held in Cyan that state court Section 11 actions are not removable to federal court is that companies could avoid state court actions by adopting a federal forum bylaw or charter provision. … Continue reading

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