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Does Bush’s Exit From Athenahealth Increase Chances of It Being Sold?: DealBook Briefing

The electronic medical records company just ousted its C.E.O., Jonathan Bush, after a series of revelations about inappropriate workplace behavior and domestic abuse accusations. Read more detail on Recent Business Law posts –

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Divorce: Study Finds That Being Promoted May Double a Wife’s Chances of Getting Divorced

Divorce Rate Increases With Reassignment Of Responsibility According To Study There are many reasons why a couple may file for divorce. According to a new study, marriages with “traditional” gender roles – meaning the woman’s job takes a backseat, and … Continue reading

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Does Living Together Before Marriage Increase Chances of Divorce?

Living together? Research has long indicated that couples who wed at a young age are more likely to divorce than their older counterparts. What about couples who choose to move in together before tying the knot? Living Together – What … Continue reading

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How to Avoid Dreaded H-1B Requests for Evidence and Increase Chances of Approval

Tis the season to file for one of the most popular visa types: The H-1B visa. Filings for cap-subject petitions will begin to be accepted by USCIS beginning April 2nd and the filing period will end on April 6, 2018. … Continue reading

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U.S. and North Korean Officials: Chances of War On the Rise

The United States and North Korea have reached an improbable and unfortunate agreement. Representatives of both nations have pointed toward increased military activity across the Korean Peninsula. War, they say, is no longer just a distant consideration – it’s a … Continue reading

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