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Catching up with nationals: Proposal to allow divisional applications for International registrations designating Australia

In January 2019, IP Australia released a draft of proposed amendments to the Trade Marks Regulations 1995 for public consultation. The changes are designed to enable overseas businesses using the Madrid Protocol system to divide any Australian designations of International … Continue reading

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Space Law Has Some Catching Up To Do

By: Michael McNeil Humanity is at the doorstep of our next great accomplishment in space exploration—mining space for resources. However, the legality of space mining is anything but clear. With little authority from international law, countries like America, Japan, and … Continue reading

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Public File Fines Catching the Attention of Broadcasters at License Renewal Time

By Scott R. Flick While our monthly editions of FCC Enforcement Monitor have continued to grow in popularity over the past decade, I'm never quite sure if it is because readers rely on it to better understand the FCC's Rules, … Continue reading

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