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Numerous Johnson & Johnson Talc Cases Remanded To State Courts, South Carolina Trial To Start Monday

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Partitions in North Carolina

Tags: NC Partition Attorneysnc partition statuteHere is some basic information on partition actions. What is a partition action? This type of litigation is a special proceeding filed with the Clerk of Court when multiple property owners (more than 1) own a … Continue reading

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South Carolina Mechanic’s Liens

South Carolina mechanic’s liens protect a contractor’s right to receive compensation for their work. The lien attaches to the private property where the work was completed so that the contractor has a legal remedy if they aren’t paid. Getting the … Continue reading

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South Carolina Construction Disputes

Construction disputes can arise whenever a homeowner or developer is unhappy with a work done by the builder. These disputes may be based on several different legal theories, including negligence, breach of contract, or failure to complete the construction in … Continue reading

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Friday Fun: IT in Miss Teen South Carolina English

Remember the Miss Teen South Carolina interview? The creative folks at CommonCraft do in this parody of their series of IT in plain English videos. [JH] Read more detail on Legal News Directory – Law Librarians

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