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Consumer Cannot Challenge Credit Card Agreement Under Consumer Legal Remedies Act

Question: May a consumer challenge a credit card agreement as "unconscionable" under the Consumer Legal Remedies Act? Answer: No, according to the Fourth District court of appeal in Ball v. FleetBoston Financial Corporation (G038894), decided June 5, 2008. There, a … Continue reading

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Eligibility Cannot be Raised in IPR Appeal

Neptune Generics v. Eli Lilly (Fed. Cir. 2019)Mylan Labs v. Eli Lilly (Fed. Cir. 2019) This appeal combines twelve different inter partes review (IPR) proceedings. In each case, the PTAB Board sided with the patentee — holding that the claims of … Continue reading

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Debt Collectors Cannot Yell, Curse or Threaten You

Debt Collectors Cannot Yell, Curse or Threaten YouThere are Rules Governing Debt Collectors Debtor collectors are not allowed to call you before 8 am or after 9 pm (your time zone, not the caller’s).  They cannot yell, swear, use crude … Continue reading

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I cannot think of many things I would agree with Senator Cotton on – except:

Senator Cotton Warns of Opioid Overdoses from Unwashed Poppy Seeds An opioid epidemic is sweeping the country. More than sixty thousand Americans are dying from opioid overdoses each year-more than the number of Americans who died in all twenty years … Continue reading

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Hawaii App: Slipshod Investigation By Planning Department Cannot Support Vacation Rental Citation

Those of you interested in the ongoing debate about vacation rentals (aka TVR's) (in Honolulu, the minimum period a property owner can rent in a residential district under the zoning code is 31 days, unless the owner possesses a nonconforming … Continue reading

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